Green and Peculiar

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Date : 20/02/2018
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Green and Peculiar

I was going to call this post green goblin and then I remembered that he’s a villain and that stopped in my tracks. Interesting how there’s many “green” superheroes though. Green Lantern, Green Arrow and not to forget The Hulk!

Enough about superheroes and my weird ideas for blog titles. I found this odd green coat a while back at second hand store when I was actually looking for skirts. I call it odd because the fabric is basically as thin as a shirt fabric yet it has a hood, buttons and pockets like any other coat. It was again one of those garments that was somehow just a bit off that I just had to try it on. Since it’s a garment that was made in Finland the original price was around 35€ but I think I got it for 10€. Now, who doesn’t love a bargain?

Weeks later I found the turquoise fabric I got at a clothing swap at school and got the idea for this almost tone on tone photoshoot. The only problem? It was constantly dark outside and fabric was not really big enough to cover the background. I kept postponing the shoot until one Saturday morning I just decided to do it. It was one of those “done is better that perfect” moments. Now, should I have ironed the background fabric and the coat? Yes! But on this particular Saturday I just couldn’t be bothered. I was more focused on taking the pictures in a different way than I’ve done before. And I have to say I’m quite happy with them, despite the bad light and textile wrinkles. I can’t wait for the warm weather when I can wear this coat outside!

Lichen me like

Date : 20/02/2018
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Lichen me like

In the past few years, my new year’s resolution has simply been “get shit done!”. I’ve said it to myself as a reminder to not wait around for things to happen but to actively go after and do the things I want whether life altering big or everyday small.

One thing I need to get “done” more this year is get outdoors more often. In the past I would have said it’s in my nature to be a homebody but now I wonder if it’s more of a habit than a trait. Either way I need to be outdoors more because it’s simply good for me. I always feel better after a long walk or a trip to park or forest.

These pictures were taken last November when I accompanied a classmate on a lichen gathering trip in Nuuksio National Park. She was working on a really interesting textile project about plant based dyeing. The weather was horrible but it really didn’t matter.

It was calming to be outdoors and yet another reminder of marvellous mother nature and the endless magnificent things you can find in the forest, like a variety of lichen and other growing things.



2018 – The year of Gratitude

I was at first thinking about doing a regular recap of the past year and maybe even mention my new year’s resolutions but I felt I wanted to do things a bit different this time. I need to embrace more change in my life so why not start with my blog posts? Instead I want to say what I’ll be focusing on in 2018, gratitude. I know it might sound a little bit cheesy but I’ve noticed how much my perspective on things changes when I remind myself of all the things I’m grateful for. Looking at things differently is key to changing one’s mindset.

2017 was an exciting and scary year full of changes. I maybe didn’t get to travel as much as I would have wanted and some periods of the year were very stressful but looking back I’m reminded how incredibly fortunate I am.

Cultivating gratitude is not always easy. There are so many injustices in the world that just make me so angry! I easily get lost in bad thought cycles when I’m stressed and fall deep in the rabbit hole of self doubt. But I think it’s exactly in those moments I need to remember to be grateful . I think that might be where to find the strength and energy to fight for change in the world and on a personal level.

So happy new year wonderful people!


YouTube faves right now

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Date : 06/11/2017
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YouTube faves right now

Up until recently YouTube was the place where I watched music videos, stand up clips and movies trailers. I thought all the YouTube stars I was hearing about were teenagers creating entertaining content for other teenagers. Then one by one I started finding (mostly by accident or probably sophisticated algorithms) these awesome channels with great content. I found myself spending Saturday mornings watching several videos by one person. So I thought I’d share a few channels I’ve found really inspiring, entertaining or both.


Sometimes when people are giving life advice they can come across as smug and just annoying but when Aileen says the same things it sounds much friendlier and actually doable. I have yet to figure out what her secret is. She’s the one who inspired me to start writing a gratitude journal.


Yagazie Emezi

This woman is my hero! I love how she’s fiercely pursuing her passion and how honest and open she is about her journey. She’s also really really funny!


Evelyn from the internets

Evelyn is just hilarious! I can watch her videos for hours.


Kicki Yang Zhang

Kicki posts a wide variety of content but I have to admit it’s her food related videos that I’ve watched the most. Who had any idea that watching someone chopping vegetables could be so mesmerising?


Hopeful Honey

There’s a lot of crochet tutorials out there but I like them short and clear like Olivia’s tutorials.


The wool conundrum

Date : 24/10/2017
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The wool conundrum

Veganism, now that’s a word that can get some people really worked up. I wasn’t really sure whether to post this or not but even sensitive matters need to be discussed. But let’s not get too serious, this post is more about asking questions and finding options.

I became a vegan earlier this year and so far I’ve approached the eating with a child like curiosity and relaxed experimentation. I do have those moments when I feel that there’s nothing to eat but it’s usually when I’m feeling really lazy and the grocery store has run out of that one frozen pizza I can eat. Let’s just say I don’t have the food prep routine down yet. The biggest challenge during my few months as a vegan has been the constant paranoia that I’m alienating my friends with this lifestyle choice. Then I remind myself that I was probably annoying as a meat eater too and hope that they will tell me if I’m becoming irritating. In defence of “annoying” vegans I’ll say this, when you make a major life choice/lifestyle change you’re often very excited about it and naturally want to share that with people. So what some might consider as you pushing your ideology unto others might just be you being euphoric because you’ve finally found the most delicious rice milk chocolate!

What I think is going to be a struggle is clothing. With food there are a wide range of plant based options to choose from but when it comes to animal fibers and skins it’s not as easy. I no longer want to support industrialised animal agriculture but I don’t know what to replace these animal products with. Silk and down feather garment can be challenge but wool and leather are at the moment the most immediate ones in my wardrobe. For me acrylic and polyurethane (PU) are just not ideal substitutes. Sure, an acrylic sweater might keep me a bit warm but the minute I start sweating I feel like I’m wearing a layer of plastic film. I’ve owned shoes made from PU and some like sandals have served me just fine but then I’ve had winter shoes that have cracked during the coldest months. Meanwhile I have leather shoes that I’ve had for four years and still use. As you can sense I’m not a big fan of replacing every animal material with a synthetic one, especially those that are not recyclable. Natural plant fibers are not always the best either, growing cotton is very problematic too. Hence my conundrum!

Now, I do want to point out that I have no plans to throw out all my clothes and shoes containing animal materials, that would be a horrible waste. What I feel uncomfortable using I will sell or donate. Some of you might say that the solution is to shop second hand and I do find wool and silk garments that way sometimes but by purchasing them, aren’t I contributing to the continued production of those products? I don’t know. These are the kind of things I often think about.

I don’t want to say “I’m not willing to give up” this or that because I think it keeps me in the same place and blinds me from seeking alternatives. With wool however, I’m really struggling to find an alternative. I feel like with leather, silk and feathers there’s a lot of research being made right now and soon we’ll have animal free and sustainable options on the market. I’m really excited to get my hands on some Pinatex (an alternative for leather made from pineapple leaf fibers) and test making some bags from it. But when I want to knit a scarf to keep me warm over the very winds and cold Helsinki winter, what material should I use?

I’d like to know what you think of wool as a material. Is there such a thing as ethical wool? If you don’t use wool, what have you substituted it with? The yarns on pictures above are Shetland wool yarns that I bought in Edinburgh a few years ago.

It’s time for something new (and happy anniversary!)

I started writing this post wanting to share what’s been going on lately but then an invoice from my web hosting company reminded me of something. I’ve been so busy lately that I almost forgot that my fourth blogging anniversary was coming up.

When I started this website I was struggling to find work in design and started the blog as a way to creatively keep me occupied. I had this irrational fear that I would forget most of what I had learned in design school while doing those other jobs we all have to do in order to get by.

It’s been a few years now and even though I’ve at times felt like my life is uneventful, looking back to those first posts I can see how much I’ve changed as a person but also as a creator. During these few years I’ve changed jobs, traveled and moved a couple of times. I’m glad I’ve kept creating and posting, even when I was feeling very insecure about my skills.

It’s now again time for another chapter, challenge and adventure. I’m going back to school to get my masters and I’ve moved again and I now have not one but three lovely roommates. It’s funny how things sometimes work out. I really feel like this the right time for me to back to school. I feel I’m much more focused and have a clear idea what I want to learn.

What do these changes mean for my little blog? I’m probably going to be posting more irregularly and posting about a wider range of subjects. The focus is going to be my creative process and all the things that inspire me but I now feel brave enough to also write about things I’m worried about. I’m curious to see where that leads.

For the first time in a really long time I feel I can honestly say that I’m excited about the changes that are happening in my life. Do I have everything figured out? Hell no! I’m I worried about the planet and what feels increasing division and apathy? Of course! But for once, in my little bubble, things are going my way!


The Gilded Wonderland

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Date : 14/09/2017
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The Gilded Wonderland

Before we even arrived to the Hermitage Museum I was told of one (of many) theories the locals have, that in order to see all the contents of the museum, you would need to visit the museum five days a week for seven years! That still didn’t prepare me for the overwhelming grand golden overdose that was to come. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many chandeliers in my life! I don’t really know how to describe it, hopefully the images give you just a hint of the extravagance of the place. At some point I couldn’t even look at the paintings anymore because there was so much else to see within the rooms themselves.

When I visit grand and heavily adorned castles like this, I at some point think about how wealth was so unevenly distributed back then (some would argue that things haven’t changed that much). I can only imagine how the poor lived if this is what the rich and privileged enjoyed. At the end of the day it’s the craftsmanship and history that draws me to places like this. I’m not saying we should go back to this way of building and decorating, I’m just appreciative of the skills of the craftsmen who put it all together.

I was at first thinking that I need to go back to the museum the next time I’m in St. Petersburg but then I remembered the other castles in and around the city that my friends tell me I need to visit. I do need to return one day though, to actually see the paintings. Until then I’ll keep dreaming about massive golden chandeliers.

Photos of me by Tong Ren

Breathtaking Blooms

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Date : 23/08/2017
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Breathtaking Blooms

If you’ve been on this site before, you know I have a thing for flowers. I’ve sometimes gone as far as to call it an obsession.
When I was at the botanical garden in Lund, I took a lot of pictures of pretty flowers but there was one that was so striking I thought it deserved special attention. The flower in question is the oriental poppy (Papaver Orientale) and I think this is the one called Turkish delight. What is it about this particular flower you might wonder? The colours! Especially the combination of the salmon pink of the petals and the dark plum of the inside. There was something about the light and crimped petals that also spoke to me. Maybe I was a florist in a previous life?