And all of a sudden it’s October! I wasn’t planning on taking a hiatus from the blog but I just got really overwhelmed with my thesis. I’m handing it in in a few weeks so so keep your finger crossed that I keep my sanity during this time.

I came across the crossed single crochet stitch on one of my Pinterest deep dives. It seemed quite simple and uncomplicated but I couldn’t tell how it’s crocheted just by looking at a picture. Well, it’s beyond simple! That gave me the idea to look up other variations of single crochet that I haven’t tried before. I’m thinking these will come in handy when I finally decide to give crocheted mittens a go. This was also a good exercise in loose crocheting for me, I usually like to crochet very tightly. These stitches would also be great to crochet some baskets with.

Moss/Linen Stitch. An easy and reversible stitch. Tutorial link.

Spider Stitch. Fun and reversible stitch. Tutorial link.

Waistcoat/Knit Stitch. This is a such cool stitch because at first glance it looks knitted. It works best crocheted in rounds. I’m definitely going to use this to crochet some mittens. Tutorial link.

Cross Stitch Single Crochet. This is a stitch that probably looks best crocheted loosely and in thicker yarn. Tutorial link.

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