You know when a colour gets trendy and you start seeing it everywhere and then you start wanting garments in that colour ? That’s what happened to me during that recent lavender trend. I hadn’t had a reaction like that in a while! My wardrobe is a bit lacking in the purple part of the colour wheel, so that might explain it. These days I try to keep my wardrobe very versatile in colours to avoid getting bored with my clothes but it also makes it much more fun to mix and match garments. I’ve never been able to keep up with trends anyway so once a colour lands in my wardrobe, it stays there.

How did I remedy my lack of purple shades? I started by crocheting this lavender scarf and going through the purple racks at the second hand stores more thoroughly. Then I had some really good luck, I found two purple garments in two separate second hand shops on the same day! First up is this viscose skirt. I really like the subtle floral print and how flowy the skirt is. I also like this darker colour, it’s a nice addition to my otherwise vibrant collection of skirts.
I’m still deciding on whether I should shorten the skirt or not but it’s probably best to wear it for a while and then see. This top is one of the few diy party tops I have left. Yup, I had a diy party top phase. Looking back I think I liked the idea of party tops and making them more than actual partying.

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