I’m only about half way done with my knitted scarf and I’ve already started on a crocheted one. Is this coming winter going to colder than usual? I have no idea but when it comes to scarves, I’ve got it covered.

I decided on this textured wave stitch way back when I tried it for the first time. I initially bought a thinner cotton yarn for this scarf but once I started crocheting it just didn’t have that 3D effect I wanted. So I went and bought a thicker yarn. The only downside with it is that the scarf might end up being really heavy. I’ll see how heavy it feels after about 1,2m and decide on the final length accordingly.

Unlike the stitches I usually use for scarves, this one is not reversible. Luckily the back is interesting as well!

Have any of you started working on some fall or winter accessories?

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