It’s been a while since I learned some new crochet stitches just for fun. Tapestry crochet kinda took over all my crafting when I realised that the technique wasn’t as complicated as I first thought.
I went through all my ” I must test this later” list of stitches and chose a couple that intrigued me visually. I tried not to think about upcoming projects I could use the stitches for but instead focus on testing and observing which ones I enjoyed crocheting.

Archade Stitch. Tutorial from here.
I like that it’s a sturdy stitch that still reminds me of lace. It’s also reversible! I’m now thinking this stitch would be great for a summer tote bag in raffia.

Alpine Stich. Tutorial from here.
Even though it’s not reversible, I really like the 3D effect of this stitch.

Side Saddle Stitch. Tutorial from here.
A simple yet versatile stitch. I think this would be suitable for a baby blanket.

Textured Wave Stitch. Tutorial from here.
This stitch has a retro vibe that I really like. Even though it’s not reversible, the back still looks interesting. I think I might use this stitch for a scarf later this year.

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