It might be spring but me and my giraffe neck still need a neck warmer. Lucky for me I like making things. The neck warmer I crocheted last year was in a thick recycled yarn and ended up being a bit bulky, which ideal for winter. So now I wanted a thinner one I could use well into spring and I felt i could achieve that best with knitting instead of crocheting. I used this pattern from Garnstudio as a starting point but modified the rib and skipped the flounces (which is unlike me! Being the flounce lover that I am).

I’ve been using this neck warmer for a couple of weeks now and I’m really happy with it. I’m probably gonna knit another one, maybe in some fuzzy or velvety yarn and in a very in-your-face colour like neon yellow! Oh yes, a fuzzy neon yellow neck warmer would be awesome!

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