Hi there! How is 2021 going so far? I’m doing alright. I started the year cautiously optimistic, I was starting to see tiny glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel and almost started making plans for spring. Then all these mutations took over and we found ourselves in a similar situation to last spring. I personally had a recurrence of the “what’s the point of anything?” mood I was in a year ago. That’s why this blog has been silent lately even though I had vowed to be more consistent with my posting schedule.

Thankfully, I feel better now. I’m just accepting that my mood will have major fluctuations on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis. Trying to force myself to be positive all the time only makes me feel worse. I hope that I can soon cope better with the help of radical acceptance and gratitude but it’s a working progress.

Anyway, the point of this post was something lighter and more fun. I haven’t done a YouTube round-up in a while so here’s a few of my recent favourite channels. I’ve been watching these channels while knitting and crocheting some projects I’m gonna share with you soon.

Khadija Mbowe
I’m so glad I found Khadija’s channel. I’ve only seen a couple of her videos but I’m already loving her sharp and intelligent analysis. Covering topics of race and gender can be really hard sometimes but Khadija manages to do it in a nuanced way, which is kinda rare on youtube.

Grillo Designs
Like many of you, spending so much time indoors the past year has made me rethink space the space I live in. This has led me to buy many plants and watch a lot of interior design content on YouTube. While it can be fun to watch people build tiny houses or tear down walls and paint everything pink, it can all feel far removed from one’s own reality. That’s why I really like Medina’s channel. She highlights renters and shows that you can create a personal home even though you’re renting it.

Cinema Therapy
This is such a clever concept for a YouTube channel! It’s so interesting to see some of my favourite movies and characters through a therapist’s perspective. I also like they manage to keep the videos light and entertaining. I highly recomend their coverage of the Twilight series.

So Vegan
Another favourite channel on vegan food. Roxy and Ben primarily share their recipes on their instagram and website but their YouTube channel is also worth a visit.

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