1. Read Amanda Gorman’s powerful and inspiring poem that she read at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

2. Read this article by Jaughna Nielsen-Bobbit about “hygge racism” in Denmark

3. If you speak Swedish I would highly recommend the Raseriet podcast.

4. Watch this heart warming, Oscar winning short film

5. Diversify you insta feed. Here are a few suggestions.

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Imagine if Phil Jackson, one of the winningest basketball coaches in NBA history, got his starting 5 from the local McDonalds. He swings open those plexiglass doors, inhales fry grease, exhales optimism and yells, SO! Who’s trying to play for the Lakers this season? Hard to imagine, right? Phil didn’t win 11 championships by drafting Ted, the McGriddle Master, over Kobe Bryant . In 2010, there I was, the head coach of my dating life putting Big Mac Architects in my starting 5. Most of my friends had long-term boyfriends, and I was eager to taste fulfillment following a failed on/off relationship. Tryouts were simple. 1. Are you cute (enough…)? 2. Do you like me? I didn’t care about their jump shot, free throw percentage, or if they could even spell the word basketball. Are you cute? Do you like me? Cool. This passive mentality led to the worst record in my dating history. I was getting upset at Apple Pie Artists for missing layups and wondering why McNugget Engineers didn’t want to commit to one team. I slowly, but surely, learned that identifying players worthy of gracing my roster needed to be done with the same razor-sharp precision as Phil Jackson… —— Excerpt from the first page of the WASTE HIS TIME PLAYBOOK. It drops in 2020. I think y’all are gunna like this one. Happy Wednesday, Ladies 🍸⚡️#WHTW —— ***EDIT: The release date for The Playbook has been pushed back! For very exciting reasons 😭❤️ I hope to share details with you beauties SOON!

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