I was listening to an episode of Still Processing a while back (the best podcast out there if you ask me) and Jenna mentioned the movie Aeon Flux and it kind of lingered in my thoughts so I wrote “rewatch Aeon Flux” on a post-it note.
A day later I watched the trailer trying to remember what it was about the movie that I liked the first time around. Was it Charlize Theron’s super pointy bob or watching her kick ass? Which reminds me I need to watch Atomic Blonde.

Is Aeon Flux a sci-fi masterpiece? No, it’s not but I enjoyed it anyway. I like that it’s an action filled film with a female lead and directed by a woman, Karyn Kusama. I found it visually interesting and there were many elements of the costume design I really liked. Not to forget that sharp point bob!

What always fascinates me with sci-fi is seeing which parts of our lives and societies creators think will drastically change in the future they’re depicting and which won’t. I couldn’t help notice the scenes where people are working with plants, arranging flowers and eating fruit in this world of 2415. Maybe it’s all the environmental destruction we’re doing in 2020 that’s making me notice those details.

If you like action packed sci-fi movies asking questions about ideal societies, I would give this movie a watch. If you saw it back in the day when it came out I’d like to know what you thought about it and why you think the critics hated it so much.

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