Every once in a while I find a magical garment, one of those garments I put on and ask “why didn’t I think of this before?” Sometimes it’s because of a trend. Like the reincarnation of the sweatshirt a few year ago. Most common for me though is a second hand find. Remember the vintage kimono or that red coat? I had another garment aha moments a few years ago when I bought a pair of yellow high wasted shorts. They are wide legged, made from a thin fabric and super comfortable. That comfort is why I’ve bought similar shorts since then, this red pair being the latest.

Even though I had vowed not to buy any more bright red garments, I had to get this pair! I mean look at how wide those legs are and all those pleats! The material is a viscose polyamide blend that is a nightmare to iron but it doesn’t bother me that much. It’s probably going to be a challenge to choose what to wear with these shorts but maybe I’ll just have to commit to a head-to-toe red look every once on a while.
The linen shirt is also a second hand find that I got last year. Unlike the shorts that I suspect are from the 90s, the shirt is from a fast fashion company. I’ve been thinking a lot lately if buying fast fashion second hand is still contributing to that industry. What are your thoughts?

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