It’s funny how one’s style evolves. Ever since that red coat, I’ve been reconsidering things that I would have never worn 5 years ago. I’m pretty much the same size, live in the same city and still consider comfort to be paramount when choosing clothes but my relationship with clothes has changed a bit. I’ve been reading Garance Dore’s posts on change and I guess fashion wise (and hopefully life wise) I’m evolving. I’m letting go of rules and ideas on what works for my body shape or what I need to wear in order to look “presentable” and going with my gut feeling. I’m welcoming the randomness and encouraging myself to really be more playful with what I wear.

When I went to Japan I bought a piece that I wouldn’t have known how to wear before. The shear size of it, the square shape and the length would have made me leave it where I found it. I had hopes of finding a yukata during my trip but once I found the vintage kimono stores I forgot about finding new ones. I found some incredibly beautiful silk kimonos but the more I saw the more I doubted if I would actually wear one. Then one hot Saturday we were in Harajuku and there was a man selling vintage kimonos on the sidewalk. There was oooohs and aaaahs over the floral prints and luscious silks but only when I saw this piece did I want to try something on.  It was pretty fast purchasing decision, I knew that this was I garment I was actually going to use. I really liked the pattern of the fabric and the rounded sleeves. The only thing I now need to figure out is exactly what kind of Kimono this is? Is it even a kimono at all? I’m also looking for a book about kimonos, so let me know if you know about any!

As I wrote in this post, I’m trying to get comfortable in front of the camera. There’s going to be a lot of awkward and weird poses before i get the hang of it so bare with me! This was a very quick and improvised shoot made possible by my friends Iana and Tong, thanks a lot guys!


This is the “I’m gonna pull my hair to get ideas for more poses”


“My braids are possessed!”


“I’m gonna get really ambitious and try one of those high fashion poses with my body but have creepy look on my face” Apparently I learned nothing from Tyra Banks and Miss J.


“The healthy way to deal with awkward moments? Laughter “


“Me really like this kimono, guys”



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