The Dressmaker

I'm a big Kate Winslet fan so when I saw the posters for The Dressmaker I knew I had to see it. What I thought was a typical drama set in the 50s turned out to be something quit different. The movie was full of surprises and it managed something quit difficult, to be sad and funny at the same time. Another element of the movie I really liked is the costume design. At times it felt like I was watching a glamorous Dior couture show in the outback. The costumes are not only a part of the story line but sometimes they even emphasise the comedy in the movie. I don't know if that makes any sense but if you watch the movie you'll maybe understand what I'm getting at.

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Park Love – Inokashira Park

I have this weird things with parks, I rarely visit the ones close to where I live but when I travel they're usually in my top places to visit. I'm not particularly outdoorsy (I'm trying to change that though) and I've never been on a beach holiday so most of my travels are to cities. As much fun as those cities are it's nice to go to a park and get a break from the intensity and noise of the city. A moment to gather ones thoughts and digest all the things you've seen so far. Tokyo has a lot of beautiful parks and gardens but there's a few that stand out in my opinion. One of them is Inokashira Park, a park that has a rare quality, it feels calm and cozy even when it's full of people. I put this park on my list the minute I read that designlovefest post, I just got really curious about those swan boats. When my friend ( and excellent host) Sophie suggested we go to discover Kichijoji  I was really excited to see a new part of Tokyo and with someone who actually lived there. It wasn't until we were actually in the park that I realised…

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