Parrots Calling

I've now accepted the slow pace of my Project Dream Wardrobe. I might be coming along with my handicraft projects but the sewing projects just take much more time. While I'm working on my patience, here's one top I finished a while back. It's an altered version of this top, the difference being the rounded hem. This is such a versatile garment for me so I'm gonna keep making different versions. Right now I'm eager to get started on a wrap version and later I'd like to make a sleeveless option. I found the fabric last year and bought it without any specific garment in mind. There was something about the colour combination and the tropical theme that spoke to me. I usually go for the floral or abstract prints but this time the parrots were calling me! I still need to work on my "I'm so glad I finished this garment" face. I wonder where my mind wandered off to? I really love the unexpected colour combination of the fabric. Working on my creepy face. You never know when you're gonna need it! Parrots!

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Forgotten Castles

I recently realised that I haven't posted all the images from our trip to Scotland last year. I guess I had plans to post them just before the the second trip but forgot about it when it was postponed. One thing I'll be advocating for on that trip is to visit as many castles as possible. Scotland has many of them and I'm sure most of them have intriguing histories and beautiful surroundings to admire. Until then here's some of the castles and monuments we passed or visited during our trip a year ago.  I was quit curious about Doune Castle. This where Outlander, the show that inspired us to come to Scotland was partly shot. I walked around the castle trying to figure out what they had altered for the show. Just as we were leaving for the bus I was standing in front of the castle and that last scene from the first episode came to mind. Doune Castle has also been used in Game of Thrones and Monty Python. One of the drawbacks of guided tours is that you're often on a tight timetable. Sure, you get to see a lot of places in a short time but you at times feel rushed…

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