Sometimes the unlikely happens. Like walking into a second hand store looking for coats and actually finding one to buy. How lucky am I!

For the past two years or so I’ve been wearing the same coat most of the year. It’s navy blue cotton-poly blend coat with a slightly padded lining that I also found at a second hand store. I’ve worn it even during winter, I’ve just layered a light puffer jacket under it. The only problem with my otherwise great coat is that the hem is a bit above above the knee, so when it gets around -10C and I’m wearing a skirt, my legs are shivering like I’m doing some sort of robot dance. So I really like that this green coat is a bit longer.

Why am I sharing all this with you? To remind you that second hand shopping often requires a bit of patience and an open mind. All the other times I went in a second hand shop looking for a coat and not found one for me, I’ve sometimes come home with shirts, skirts and lab coats instead. Ok, A lab coat! But I like it so much that I want another one.

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