Ok, it’s one lab coat.

I’m always looking for a specific garment when I go to second hand stores but lately I’ve been increasingly trying out those odd garments that are never on my list. It’s part of my “embrace my weirdness” part of self acceptance but also because when I usually go in looking for coats, I end up finding skirts. The best finds usually happen when I’m looking for something else.

Last fall I did a little tour of the vintage and second hand stores in Kallio I had meaning to visit for a while. I was mostly looking for cardigans and bags but also just checking out the offering in the area. In one of the stores I picked up this lab coat. It was one of those “if it fits, I’m buying it” moments. I was surprised I picked it out because I only own one white garment and I’ve never worn it (it was a gift and has sentimental value). But I remember feeling excited when I walked home and giggling at the idea that I would soon be walking around Helsinki wearing a painted lab coat.

In the end I sprayed the coat instead of painting it, just felt more fun. At first I was gonna go with green but the shade I got when I mixed the dyes I had was too olivey for this purpose, so I went with yellow. So there you have it, yet another oddball garment added to my increasingly random collection of clothes that is my wardrobe.

By the way if anyone has any tips for household lamps that can be used for photography, let me know. Daylight is ideal but not always available or reliable.

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