Last winter a friend of mine hosted a clothing swap event, what a brilliant idea! I came home with a few garments, among which; a pair of jeans I planned to wear this summer as shorts. So I cut off the legs but then put the project on hold since I couldn’t decide which colour to dye them. Then last week (a very hot week) I realised that I only own 2 pairs of shorts and they were both in the laundry basket. So to save time and quickly make these shorts wearable, I decided to print rather than dye them. I had an idea of tuxedo like stripes on the sides but ended up doing polka dots instead. I think It was because of all the lovely polka dot fabrics I saw at the local fabric store (need to buy some and sew a full A -line skirt). Back to the shorts, I wanted big and more irregular polka dots so I opted for self made stencils and a brush. I’m sure there’s an easier and more accurate way to do it but the improvised stencils worked for me. Now I just need to find another pair of jeans to dismantle and try that tuxedo stripe idea. I promise to have more step by step images for those shorts!

The shorts pre polka dots

One of my not-so-accurate self made plastic stencils, I used 5 different sizes.

Voilà! Ready for the beach!

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