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Category : Inspiration
Date : 25/09/2014

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A year ago on this date I published my blog post. I remember how excited and nervous I was when I pressed the “publish” button. What a year it’s been! Though I still have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal with this blog I still feel I’ve evolved a lot during the past year. My images are slowly getting sharper and I now trust my gut more when deciding what is relevant to post.
Quit often you’ll hear successful people say that you have to believe in what you do in order to succeed and I’m starting to understand what they mean. I haven’t magically found some confidence potion, I’ve just realised that there’s always going to be people who think you suck and focusing on them is a complete waste of time. So I just have to keep learning, doing my own thing and evolving.
One of the biggest challenges I still face is still finding time for my all creative projects, especially now that I have a full time job. However, that won’t stop me, it just means I have to plan my time better. The state of the economy also makes the future look gloomy for a fashion designer but considering all the other crises going on in the world I can’t really complain.
So here’s to an educational and productive year, I hope the next one will be even more challenging and adventurous!

On my mind #6

Category : Inspiration
Date : 17/09/2014

Soft colour palettes.

Cute ceramic items.

I need to brush up my embroidering skills.

Lord Huron Lonesome Dreams
I need to see this band live!

Skeletons and broccoli

Category : Inspiration
Date : 10/09/2014

Night of the arts is an event held in most Finnish cities during the fall. For one day entire cities are filled with culture in all its forms. In Helsinki the amount of events can be quit overwhelming, especially after a long day at the office. That’s why my friends and I decided to go on a short gallery tour instead of running around town looking for happenings.
We saw quit a lot of art, mostly paintings in different styles, maybe that’s why we were so mesmerized by Antti Immonen’s sculptures. I can’t really explain why I liked his work so much, maybe it was the organic shapes or the shadows the pieces created. Either way I left the gallery feeling very inspired.

Luoto, Saari, Salo, 2014

Höyhen, 2013

Tulva ja Turtumus, 2014

Syystyven, 2014

Vielä Nimetön (Saari), 2013