The shorts that knew too much

Ok, I couldn't help myself, I just love funny titles! The shorts in question are made from that pair of jeans I found earlier this summer. Before I made these I counted I had only 2 pairs of shorts so a third pair was needed. I had to dye the shorts 2 times before I got this colour. I did the mistake of not using enough hot water the first time and the result was not good. I was using a plastic bucket  that can't handle temperatures above 60ºC, bad idea on my part. I've now purchased a stainless steel bucket for future projects. Some time around the millennium I had a serious tie dye and print phase. I dyed and printed everything from clothes, bags and even sheets. Not knowing anything about printing techniques back then I found my own way by using book covering film. I cut each X separately in order to be able to align them better. Using book film is quit primitive way to print garments but it works quit well for big and very simple prints. Plus, book covering film is something I always have around as I insist on covering all my books. Voilà,…

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In florals we trust

Ever since I bought THAT red coat last year, I've been re-examining which coat shapes work for me and dared to try on silhouettes that I before might have considered to be too oversized for my body shape. When I was in Vaasa over midsummer I was doing  my usual second hand round when I stumbled on this floral print. I loved the print straight away and wanted to buy the garment  but I couldn't figure out if it was a coat or a dress so I ended up deciding that it was probably some grandmother's pyjamas from perhaps the 70's. I hesitated for a moment  to try it on since it was size XL which meant there was a lot of fabric and the scale of the print magnified that. But you know me, I'm a sucker for prints (especially florals) so I had to buy it. I figured I'd change and decrease the amount of buttons, add a belt and wear this floral tent as a coat. I can honestly say that this is one of the best purchases this year! Though it's oversize it's well proportioned and the big pockets (that you can barely see because of the…

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A blouse called Blanche

Ok, I just called it Blanche 'cause it almost rhymes with blouse.  Maybe Claire or Mary would be better names? Anywho, these days it seems the only way I can finish a sewing project is if I isolate myself for an entire weekend.  Gone are the days when I could work on several projects at the same time. Since I moved a year ago, I don't have as much space for spreading out fabrics and making patterns. But enough complaining! Last Saturday I confined myself to my room (the weather was crappy anyway) and made a blouse. It's a basic t-shirt model that I made in a flowy rayon fabric. I've previously made another version with a wrapped shoulder. This one is a little wider than usual and has longer sleeves. I also made it with curved  hems . I'm definitely going to make more versions of this blouse. It's great for work since it's chic and casual but not too informal as a regular t-shirt. I've recently noticed that my work wardrobe is not as professional as I'd like it to be. So that's one more thing to add to my Project Dream Wardrobe. I'm one of those people…

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Superman to the rescue

I'm not gonna lie, November has been a nightmare. Between getting sick, the never ending darkness and my usual hectic schedule I've barely had any inspiration to create. While most people are counting down to Christmas, I'm also counting down the days to winter solstice. I find comfort in knowing that the days will slowly start to get longer. One D.I.Y. project that I managed to finish during this darkness is this fun canvas tote. I've made a few canvas totes for friends this year and now I finally made one for myself. I made it with double handles 'cause I can never decide on the right strap/handle length. If they're too short you can't get your arm through for shoulder carrying, if they're too long the tote hits the ground if it's hand held. Aaaah, the joy of making things to fit your own weird requirements! As for the fabric, I used this marvellous superman print I bought a while ago. It brought back memories of watching Lois & Clark with my brothers when we were kids. It's definitely going to cheer me up during this dark winter.

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I love polka dots!

Last winter a friend of mine hosted a clothing swap event, what a brilliant idea! I came home with a few garments, among which; a pair of jeans I planned to wear this summer as shorts. So I cut off the legs but then put the project on hold since I couldn't decide which colour to dye them. Then last week (a very hot week) I realised that I only own 2 pairs of shorts and they were both in the laundry basket. So to save time and quickly make these shorts wearable, I decided to print rather than dye them. I had an idea of tuxedo like stripes on the sides but ended up doing polka dots instead. I think It was because of all the lovely polka dot fabrics I saw at the local fabric store (need to buy some and sew a full A -line skirt). Back to the shorts, I wanted big and more irregular polka dots so I opted for self made stencils and a brush. I'm sure there's an easier and more accurate way to do it but the improvised stencils worked for me. Now I just need to find another pair of jeans…

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Crafts kindergarten style

Last week I tried something I've been wanting to do since the beginning of autumn. Printing with leaves like kindergarten kids! I finally got around to it when I realised that there soon wouldn't be any leaves left, it's been raining a lot lately. My prints as such didn't turn out great but that's fine. It was fun and therapeutic to do something crafty and playful after a long day. I'll play around with the prints on the computer and see what I get!

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