Creating that dream wardrobe

My style has gone through various changes over the years but one thing that remains constant is my love for colour and print. The good  thing with getting older is that you get a better at knowing what works for you. So for the last year or so I've been editing my wardrobe, only leaving items that I love and actually use. I've become very picky about the materials and origins of the clothes. I've also learned that I don't need an enormous amount of clothes, just versatile items that work for most of the year. While editing down my wardrobe I haven't really been buying any new clothes, which has left me short of some essential items. The problem? I can't really afford the designer clothes that fit my criteria and I struggle to find time to for sewing. The solution? To take the time and make one piece at a time, properly. So that's what I've now started, Project Dream Wardrobe. For a while I've wanted to make a woven t-shirt that is loose but not oversize. So I made a pattern that I can easily customise. First up from that pattern is this t-shirt with a wrap…

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Collage 2.0

The last time I wrote about collaging, I vowed to pick up the hobby again. One evening I decided to create a few spontaneous collages, to just create without thinking too much about the end result. This is what I got, what do you think?

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Walking through a rainbow

While I was at Kiasma to see their collaboration with Marimekko, I also took time to see another ongoing exhibition, Kiasma Hits. The exhibition which features both Finnish and international artists is a celebration of the museum's 15 year old history. There were a lot of interesting pieces but one artist's work that particularly captivated me was Jacob Dahlgren. Maybe it was the colours or the fact that he uses household objects. Either way, I was intrigued. The exhibition continues until the 7th of September. Visitors get to walk through the artwork, it's quit fun! I love the precision and symmetry of this piece.

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Starting small

Not long ago I shared my big crochet experiment and vowed to get started on some scarves. Well, I decided to start with something even smaller, a bracelet to more exact. I saw a picture of this technique a while back and immediately decided to use it for a bracelet. I'm very happy with the result, so much so I think I'll crochet another one in a different colour. This pastel pink (not my favourite shade of pink)  was the only thin cotton yarn my mother had when I got a sudden urge to crochet. I had packed my crochet needles but not any yarn, typical me!I'm not yet an expert on crochet diagrams so instead here are some step by step pictures. I started with crocheting a base chain the length of the bracelet. Then I crocheted a "grid" using a double treble stitch. Once the grid was finished, I crocheted treble stitches along the grid in a wave like pattern. Waves in the making. The finished waves. How it looks like from behind. I sewed a button on one end.

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Ostrobothinan midsummer

June has been unusually cold this year so when it was time to celebrate midsummer I packed rain boots and wool sweaters expecting bad weather. It rained most of the weekend but for a few hours on midsummer's eve,the clouds parted and the sun came out and it truly felt like midsummer.

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