Starting small

Date : 09/07/2014

Not long ago I shared my big crochet experiment and vowed to get started on some scarves. Well, I decided to start with something even smaller, a bracelet to more exact. I saw a picture of this technique a while back and immediately decided to use it for a bracelet. I’m very happy with the result, so much so I think I’ll crochet another one in a different colour. This pastel pink (not my favourite shade of pink)  was the only thin cotton yarn my mother had when I got a sudden urge to crochet. I had packed my crochet needles but not any yarn, typical me!
I’m not yet an expert on crochet diagrams so instead here are some step by step pictures.

I started with crocheting a base chain the length of the bracelet.

Then I crocheted a “grid” using a double treble stitch.

Once the grid was finished, I crocheted treble stitches along the grid in a wave like pattern.

Waves in the making.

The finished waves.

How it looks like from behind.

I sewed a button on one end.

Voilà! The finished bracelet.

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