Learning something new

I learned to crochet as a kid but for a long time I only had a few stitches in my repertoire.  I've long wanted to learn new stitches so I can crochet something other that endless rows of treble stitches. Instead of getting lost in a new project that would end up in the "waiting to be finished" box, I chose to make small "swatches" with different stitches (see gallery below). I found a great book at the library for instructions. The book is very clear and organised with a lot of step by step images to guide you. With the help of this book I was able to even learn how to read stitch symbol diagrams. I'm no expert yet but I've started to understand the basics. I think I'm going to buy this book as it has an equally informative section on knitting, something I'm not good at. Now that I've tried these stitches my next project is to choose one and crochet a scarf. I also have a idea for a small cross body bag with flower/leaf decorations on the front. Now I just have to get started!

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A wall covered with candy

The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art is right now showing an exhibition done in collaboration with Marimekko. Called Kimpassa/Together, the exhibition consists of pieces created specifically for the Kiasma spaces by 16 designers and contemporary artists. The exhibition is very versatile, though I had expected it to be bigger. It's definitely a must for Marimekko fans out there! Below are my favourite pieces from the exhibition. The most impressive piece was without a doubt Hanna Vihriälä's Rose.The piece is fascinating from afar . . . . . . . . but even more when you come closer and realise that the artwork is made of candy! The museum counted that over 200 000 pins had been used for the piece!

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Amazing Tove

Tove Jansson, the beloved creator of the Moomin characters was born a 100 years ago and to celebrate this Ateneum is hosting a major exhibition covering Jansson's long artistic career. I went to see the exhibition a while back and was very impressed. Until then I had mostly viewed Jansson as a children's books author and illustrator. I didn't know that she was also an avid and talented painter. The exhibition is surprisingly extensive and chronicles Jansson's work from her early childhood drawings to her abstract paintings in the 60's. What really struck me was the diversity in her work and her use of colour. The exhibition also shows how the Moomin characters were born and how they developed over time. I really recommend this exhibition to everyone. I left the museum with a smile on my face and feeling very inspired. I think I'm gonna watch a few Moomin episodes now!

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Check your tote

I started making canvas totes in the 7th or 8th grade. I had given up on backpacks (until recently, but that's another story) 'cause I felt they were too sporty and I was desperately trying to look grown up and feminine. Since then I've made them in a variety of colours and prints, for myself and friends. I usually prefer short straps and a proper gusset but after receiving a "flat" Marimekko canvas tote I'm starting to reconsider my gusset obsession. There's something about how the corners look when the tote is filled that annoys me. Anywho, I was thinking about a gift for a friend of mine who helped me move (and recently celebrated her birthday) and decided on a canvas tote. I remembered that her favourite one had been stolen a while back. Seriously, who steals a canvas tote? Unlike me, my friend prefers subtle colours and prints so it felt safest to go for a black and white colour scheme. After an hour of fruitless hunting for a wide striped fabric, I turned to the checked fabrics and found one in black and white. However, the checks were quit small so I decided to buy some plain…

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