Date : 27/05/2014

I was recently invited to a blog event at Tikau, where I got to meet other Swedish speaking bloggers. It was nice to talk to other bloggers about blogging, I haven’t done that before. The evening was also a great opportunity for me to practice my mingling skills and learn about the company. The Tikau store sells ethically manufactured products from different brands like  Hyvä Teko and Mifuko as well as Tikau’s own products. The brands have been carefully selected, the design is just as important as the sustainability. The Tikau products are manufactured by artisans in rural India using sustainable and locally sourced materials. I really admire Taina Snellman, the founder of Tikau for her drive and patience. With production being done by families instead of a single factory, the logistics can be quit challenging. But she believes that employment is the best way to help and I couldn’t agree more!
So if you’re looking for items for your home or a gift for someone, go check out the store!
Below is a chronicle of the evening in pictures. Thanks again to Nora for inviting me!

Our hosts, Nora and Johanna.

An example of the impressive craftsmanship. This felted piece is embroidered by hand.

Some of the cute crocheted toys at the store.

One of my favourite bloggers, Karin Lindroos gave us some tips on how to make our wardrobes more sustainable and the importance of finding your own style. I love the colour of her jacket!

Time to mingle!


MON-FRI 11-18
SAT 11-16

Button up

Date : 20/05/2014

The Helsinki City theatre had a flea market recently where they sold costumes they didn’t need any more. The theatre is going to be renovated next year so I guess a thorough spring cleaning was needed. A friend of mine told me about the event and we decided to go check it out. Pure curiosity was what dragged us out of bed that Saturday morning!

The first thing that surprised us was the long queue outside the theatre. Then we saw people coming out with big black plastic bags full of stuff! What on earth are they buying we wondered. Once inside though, we could understand the hysteria. There were a lot of items being sold for 2-10€. Though I had decided not to buy anything, I came home with a silk blouse and two wool scarves for the total sum of 1,20€ ! I thought I’d change the buttons and resew the sleeve hems and the blouse would be as good an new. But when I got home I noticed that the sleeves were more damaged than I had initially noticed. So, note to self always double check the quality of the garment before a purchase!


The damage on the sleeves and the horrible green hem seam. I think the blouse originally had long sleeves but whoever shortened them didn’t care about matching the colour of the thread to the garment.

I found fabric for the sleeves in my stash of random silk bits. I should figure out better storage for them!


In the beginning I thought I’d put white buttons to match the sleeves but I didn’t have any in the right size or amount. It felt a bit unnecessary to go and buy new buttons when I have box full of them. So I decided to choose from what I already had.

The result, a much more colourful and interesting blouse. And if I change my mind about the buttons, I can always go and buy white ones. If anyone knows a place in Helsinki where I can find more silk blouses to refashion, let me know!



I’m planing some more D.I.Y. projects and while working, I’m listening to Grimes, a true do it yourself woman. I saw her perform at last year’s Flow Festival and I was impressed by how she did everything herself! I was expecting her to have some kind of band and a few back up singers but it was just her, her equipment and two back up dancers she apparently met for the first time just before the show!