Dr. Red Riding Hood

I love going to second hand and vintage stores but once there I rarely buy clothing. I usually come home with glass objects, old zippers or bags. During the Easter holidays I visited one of my favourite stores in Vaasa in search of glass plates but I ended up trying on a bunch of spring coats instead. The minute I saw this red hooded one I had to try it on at once! It was such an odd garment with the hood and big pockets, making it look like a cross between a lab coat and Little Red Riding Hood's cape. Also, the coat only had 2 buttons, was quit worn and had a few stains. Despite all this I immediately decided to buy it. This is strange since it's not something I'd typically wear and I've previously found it difficult to combine this shade of red with anything in my wardrobe. But I have to admit that the "made in Finland" label appealed to me as well, it's quit rare with clothes made in Finland these days. But this is maybe an indication that I want to experiment more with my style. In the end the only consistent element…

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On my mind #4

I've been on a sail boat once in my life. It was quit fun and I'd like to do it again. I'm observing sponge-like textures. I should walk around Helsinki and take pictures of beautiful doors. I could have this on my wall. "Fawn" by Ekin Kayis.

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Masking tape magic

What do you do when you realise that you've forgotten to buy a birthday card 2 hours before the birthday party? Well, you make one of course! I could have run to a store nearby but there was dinner to be made and a hair disaster to deal with. My first thought was to make the card with collage numbers but there wasn't enough time. Then I wanted to somehow stamp the number 30 on the card but I didn't have the correct tools. The technique I finally used came to me when I found blank postcards make from watercolour paper.I tore masking tape into smaller pieces and taped them on to the card in the shape of the number 30. I purposely made the number with irregular edges as I wanted it to have a more hand made feel to it. Once I had painted around the masking tape, I let the card dry and then carefully removed the tape.Though this card was made in haste (hence the blurry images), I'm quit happy with the result. I was reminded of my love of working with paper and stationery. I definitely plan on making more cards in the near future!

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