What do you do when you realise that you’ve forgotten to buy a birthday card 2 hours before the birthday party? Well, you make one of course! I could have run to a store nearby but there was dinner to be made and a hair disaster to deal with. My first thought was to make the card with collage numbers but there wasn’t enough time. Then I wanted to somehow stamp the number 30 on the card but I didn’t have the correct tools. The technique I finally used came to me when I found blank postcards make from watercolour paper.
I tore masking tape into smaller pieces and taped them on to the card in the shape of the number 30. I purposely made the number with irregular edges as I wanted it to have a more hand made feel to it. Once I had painted around the masking tape, I let the card dry and then carefully removed the tape.
Though this card was made in haste (hence the blurry images), I’m quit happy with the result. I was reminded of my love of working with paper and stationery. I definitely plan on making more cards in the near future!

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