Let’s get cultural

Category : Helsinki
Date : 22/03/2014

Next week sees the second Season Film Festival take place. The great thing about this festival is that it emphasises female voices, something that is definitely needed in the film industry. Happening at the same time and in collaboration with SFF is the Fashion Film Festival, a must for anyone interested in fashion and film.

Last year I saw the wonderful Diana Vreeland documentary so this year I might watch the one about another iconic Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld. Then there’s the film Lake Bell directed, Hayao Miyazaki films and the documentary Nana Benz. How on earth will I choose? Well, one thing I’ll definitely not miss is the collection of short films that will be shown on Sunday. The ones I saw last year were fascinating and changed the way I see short films.

The festivals take place 27-30th of March and tickets are already on sale.


On my mind #3

Category : Inspiration
Date : 18/03/2014


The last time I was in London was 8 years ago. I need to do something about that.


It would be fun to take a ceramics class this summer.


I’d like to weave with some unusual materials.

Not long now. . .

Sharing is caring

Category : Works
Date : 11/03/2014

For a while I’ve been trying to figure out a way to share my creations with my readers, other than posting them on the blog. Then it dawned on me that I could make desktop wallpaper that you can download! I easily get bored with mine and change them regularly.
I haven’t done this before so bare with me. Let me know if you have some improvement suggestions. If the feedback is positive, I might make this a regular thing.


To download, click on the image and then save it on your computer.



As I’ve mentioned a couple of times I love colour! It’s a part of my everyday life and crucial part of my creative process. Another thing about me is that i like to arrange and organise things. So you can understand how much fun it is for me to make colour palettes. I decided to start making colour palettes in advance when I noticed the amount of time I spend choosing colour for different projects. When I design textile prints, I draw most of my ideas with a black marker and then vectorise them on my computer. Though I’ve over the years found ways to save time with the vectorising, the colour picking usually takes too much time. So I thought I’d start making my own colour palette library, for fun and to save time. Do you have a system when choosing colours?

Klippa och Klistra

Date : 02/03/2014

To be honest, I’m not much of an fashion illustrator. I don’t have talent for drawing and I’ve never had the patience to practice. I occasionally make watercolour illustrations but that’s for the really big projects, like my thesis. In my everyday life I usually draw quick technical drawings of the garments and then move on to making patterns.
I was organising the folders on my computer the other day when I found some collages a made years ago. There was a period there in the mid noughties when I was really into making collages. I could  sit for hours browsing through magazines, cutting and pasting. Though it would probably have been faster collaging in photoshop, I preferred doing it by hand. I found it quit meditative. I think that is a good reason to start collaging again. I’m going to see if I can find some magazines I’m willing to cut into pieces.
I’ve put some of the collages on the website, under Works and Collage.