Last year I started working on finding alternatives to regular single use cotton pads. I crocheted a couple of sets and I’ve been using them regularly. I have noticed however, that when it gets really cold the crocheted pads are a bit too rough on my skin and I end up returning to disposable ones. So that’s why I decided to make an additional set of cotton pads that are a bit softer. This time I made them from trey cloth instead of crocheting. I could have cut them into squares to make it easier but for some reason I really wanted them to be round. Overlocking the edged would probably have been faster too but I was too lazy to go back to the store and buy more cotton yarn. Luckily, I had some water-soluble support material left over from some school project ages ago. It made zigzagging way easier and neater.

I usually do laundry once a week or every other week and I’m currently testing the double cleansing method so that requires a lot of cotton pads. I’m gonna try these out for the next few months and see how I like it. Have you tried reusable cotton pads? Did you make them yourself or did you buy them?

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