I learned to crochet when I was a kid but to this day I still find new things about the technique to get excited about. There are so many styles of crochet and you can make such a wide range of things. Good thing for me ’cause I love learning new things.

A good friend of mine gifted me with a Molla Mills calendar that got me interested in tapestry crochet. It’s something that’s been on my list of techniques to learn but have struggled to find time for. Having the calendar on my wall has been a good reminder of that list but for some reason I really wasn’t into crocheting some swatches as I usually do when testing new stitches. Then I made a stupid mistake and put my lucky cat purse in the washing machine. It went in intact and dirty but came out clean with a bunch of holes. So I thought a new pouch/purse for my phone would be a good size product to test tapestry crochet. I choose this graphic pattern for November from the calendar and improvised my way through it. There were some rows where I  counted the stitches wrong but otherwise it wasn’t that hard once I understood how you switch between yarns. I used this tutorial as a guide for the yarn switch but when I was putting the calendar on the wall I realised that there was instructions illustrated on the back.

Now that tapestry crochet isn’t a mystery to me anymore, I want to try more advanced patterns and maybe something with more than two colours. I’m even playing with the idea of designing my own patterns. Would that be something you guys would be interested in?

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