Crocheted produce bags

The issue of plastic waste is really topical and important but so frustrating. On one hand you feel the politicians you've elected into office aren't being hard enough on the industries that make and use so much plastic. On the other hand you realise how difficult it can be to avoid plastic in everyday life. I still think my plastic consumption is too high and the major culprit is packaging of cosmetics and food. I have made a bit of progress switching out things like shampoo and body wash for bar soaps but the majority of my cosmetics and skincare still comes in plastic. When it comes to food I've noticed I've become much more aware of the plastic packaging since we started separating it from the mixed waste. Seeing how much waste is created over a week really makes you pay attention. One part of my food related plastic waste I've been meaning to eliminate for a while is the small plastic bags for fruits and vegetables. Now, most supermarkets (in Finland) have the biodegradable bags these days but I've heard some people say they're not so great since they degrade so slowly and that they have to be…

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Another set of d.i.y. cotton pads

Last year I started working on finding alternatives to regular single use cotton pads. I crocheted a couple of sets and I've been using them regularly. I have noticed however, that when it gets really cold the crocheted pads are a bit too rough on my skin and I end up returning to disposable ones. So that's why I decided to make an additional set of cotton pads that are a bit softer. This time I made them from trey cloth instead of crocheting. I could have cut them into squares to make it easier but for some reason I really wanted them to be round. Overlocking the edged would probably have been faster too but I was too lazy to go back to the store and buy more cotton yarn. Luckily, I had some water-soluble support material left over from some school project ages ago. It made zigzagging way easier and neater. I usually do laundry once a week or every other week and I'm currently testing the double cleansing method so that requires a lot of cotton pads. I'm gonna try these out for the next few months and see how I like it. Have you tried reusable…

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A crochet project worth repeating

Remember those crochet cotton pads I made a few months ago? Well I decided to make a set from the thin cotton yarn I tested then. They might not absorb that much liquid but they have a nice exfoliating feature I like. I only do the laundry about once a week so I'm gonna need a few more sets than the two I've made so far. I was maybe thinking of sewing the next set from some really soft fabric for those days I really need to be gentle to my skin. I need to do some research and find the most suitable fabric and figure out how to finish the edges. I'll let you know how that turns out.

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Short of genius – Crocheted cotton pads

In today's world of Pinterest, you see very many beautiful diy ideas and sometimes you see so many that you don't know where to start creating. Then there's the diys that are so clever and simple, you'll be like "why didn't I think of that!" That't what happened when I saw Matilda Gustafsson's post about crocheted cotton pads. I immediately saved the post on bloglovin' and went through my yarn bag to see if I had any yarn I could use. Cotton pads are one of those things I've been wanting to find a less wasteful alternative for and I love crocheting so this diy was really up my alley. I chose to crochet my cotton pads round with double crochet using this diagram. There are so many ways one could crochet these cotton pads. One could use different materials, shapes, sizes and patterns. In the coming months I at least want to crochet a couple of sets in different thicknesses and maybe use linnen and bamboo instead of cotton. At first I wanted to use linen yarn but it felt a bit unnecessary to go buy yarn when I had cotton yarn left over from other projects. I didn't know…

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