Ok, long title there but it is an unusual combination of items I’m talking about. When we popped by the Antique fair while visiting Habitare I was looking for the the ladies who usually have beautiful stands filled with vintage garments and accessories. I was hoping to find a small cross body bag or maybe a scarf. The ladies were nowhere to be found, their usual spots now occupied by other vendors selling furniture. So I moved on to the other items I always look at during events like this, glass objects and jewellery. We lingered at one  stand selling vintage rings with beautiful stones of all colours but their prices didn’t fit our budgets so we moved on to the lady selling bronze rings close by.

The minute she opened the lid to the box I picked up the ring with the roses. It’s no secret that I love flowers and I knew if I bought this ring it would be in constant use. While I was debating with myself whether it would fit on my finger even when it’s swollen I was looking at the wolf ring. It’s not the kind of ring I would usually go for but I kept looking at it while trying on other rings to buy with the rose ring. I mean, i could go for cute and quirky animals like giraffes and owls but  wolves, not so much! When I finally tried it on it like “yep, I’m buying this one too”. When we went to another stand selling silver jewellery the same thing happened, I instinctively picked up rings with flowers or knots while looking at the dinosaur ring at the same time. Feeling emboldened by my purchase of the wolf ring, I bought the dinosaur ring. So in less than an hour, I bought three rings for 45€. The last time I bought several pieces at once was at Juthbacka a few years ago and those rings have been in weekly use.

Why am I telling you all this you may wonder? Because I like to over analyse my purchasing decisions? Maybe. It was one of those moments where I wasn’t thinking too much if this is my style or not but listening to that gut feeling and going with it. As you know I’ve been trying to let go of self imposed rules and lately I’ve been all about embracing the weird. I’ve been a weird person most of my life but now instead of trying to conform I’m learning to accept it. Sometimes embracing the weird means buying a rose, a dinosaur and a wolf ring, as corny as it probably sounds.

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