Renting evening and bridal wear is quite common but what about clothes for everyday life? You’ve maybe borrowed a garment from a friend or a sibling but would you do the same from a company? With the tons of garments ending up in landfills do we perhaps need to reconsider ownership of clothing?

When I first heard of clothing libraries and other renting services a few years ago, I thought it was a great idea but couldn’t really see myself using them. Now that I understand how these services could help decrease the amount of rarely used garments at the back of our closets I’m willing to reconsider. There is still a part of me that s a bit hesitant. Maybe it’s because I’m very clumsy at times and I’m worried about ruining the garment while I’m renting it. It probably sound very crazy but you haven’t seen the oily red sauces I eat and stains they cause. If I think about it rationally though, these companies have thought about tomato sauce and turmeric stains and have policies for them.

Lately I’ve been really trying to pay attention to the garments I own and how often I use them. My goal is to have a closet that has an eclectic mix of clothes that are constantly in use. My logic is if I can mix and match and get a variety of combinations, I don’t need to own so many pieces. There are a few situations where I could see myself using these renting services; business meetings (not something currently happening in my life but you know, planning for my future self) and funerals. If I felt I needed to dress in a more corporate way, I could rent the suite, instead of buying one that would most likely get  shunned to the back of my closet. That’s what’s happened to the few black garments I have, the ones I  usually refer to as my funeral attire because funerals are the only place you’ll see me in head to toe black. These clothes don’t fit me that great and are taking up space in my already tiny closet. So maybe I should pass them on to someone who really likes wearing black and the next time there’s a funeral, I’ll rent my outfit?

So I wanna hear your thoughts on this, do you often borrow clothes from loved ones? Have you used any clothing libraries or similar services? And if so, how did you find that experience? Tips for clothing libraries in Helsinki are also welcome!

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