It’s Fashion Revolution week again and I thought I’d share some links about people and organizations doing great work to change the fashion industry. Plus some informative clips.

Fashion Revolution’s website has many great resources learning and spreading the word. I especially like their how to guides.

This Episode of The Patriot Act sums up the biggest problems with fast fashion in a very understandable way. This is great for sharing with those friends who have access and can afford sustainable fashion but continue to support fast fashion.

This episode of Last Week Tonight is already a few years old but the content is still very relevant. Factory workers are still being exploited and some fast fashion chains are still owned by billionaires.

If you haven’t yet seen The True Cost, now would be a good time to do it.

Here are some people and organisations worth following on Instagram.

Slow Factory is a public service organisation dedicated to improving sustainability literacy in fashion.

Aja Barber is a great writer who specialises in sustainable fashion. Unfortunately, some people get in her comment section calling her radical. Don’t be one of those people. Aja simply tells the truth, some people just don’t want to acknowledge their privileges.

Clean Clothes Campaign is a network fighting for the rights of garment workers across the globe.

If you speak Finnish you should definitely follow Anniina Nurmi. She used to run her own ethical brand and knows first hand the intricacies fashion supply chains.

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