A while back a friend suggested we should go explore Nuuksio National Park. I jumped at the opportunity since I had never been there but also because I felt I was in need of some serious tech detox. It’s tricky staying away from the computer since I use it for both work and my own projects. I’m also one of those people who wants to do so many different things. However, if I have too much on my plate and get stressed about it I end up doing none of it, purely out of self preservation. Then of course I feel guilty for falling behind the schedule and try to pick up the pace. You can see what a vicious cycle this creates. I guess like everything important in life it’s a matter of finding the right balance. I now know I need to minimise the amount of screen time and be a bit more realistic when setting deadlines for myself. Walking around Nuuksio on this sunny day was exactly what I needed to calm my mind. The greenery, silence and fresh air really did wonders. Thanks again to Laura for taking me!


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