Hello interwebs, miss me? Who am I kidding, according to the cool kids blogs are dead. They might be right but this blog was always my little corner that occasionally had visitors. So here I am trying to explain the almost two year absence to perhaps zero audience.

I had a habit of choosing a theme for the year and here’s how I started (and never finished) a post for 2023 :

2023: The year of I don’t know what

Where did 2022 go?
I had big plans for this year. It was going to be my most artistic year. I was finally gonna be making textile art, experimental garments and funky prints. Instead I’ve been starting things, then questioning the point of it all and ended up not finishing them. It’s not lack of ideas, space or time. I’ve learned over the years to create with what I have and in whatever tiny space I live in. Plus my notebooks are full of ideas I want to try. So there’s something else going on that I haven’t quite figured out yet. . .

With everything going on in the world, the state of the fashion industry and and the increasing speed of AI technology I’ve been thinking a lot about “does everything I create need to be on the internet?”. It’s not just fear about what AI means for creatives but a need to get away from the algorithms or at least diminish the grip they have on me. A few months ago I was really close to deleting my entire blog and one of my instagram accounts. As I’m going through it now and seeing all the random things I’ve put here in the last 10 years, I’m glad I didn’t!

At the beginning of this year I attempted another theme of the year post

2024: The year of determination?

I’ve put a question mark in the title because 2023 came and went without a single post here. In a way it was a frustrating year of having so many ideas but never the energy or space to execute them.

As you can tell there’s been a lot of thinking and a lot of frustration. There’s also been a lot of reading, sketching, crafting and experimenting. And I’m maybe starting to have a clearer idea on how to move forward. It won’t be without frustrations and doubts as I am someone who has many interests and likes to work with multiple forms of expression and the internet says “thou shall have a niche and stick to it!”

The actual 10 year anniversary of this blog was September 2023 but better late than never right? The cover image is AI generated, a topic I could write endless rants about but I think I’ve used up my screen time for today so laters!

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