I’ve always loved rich embroidery on garments but never had the patience to do it myself. I remember being completely uninspired when we were given an embroidery assignment at school, I was too eager to finish the actual garment and didn’t really want any embroidery on it. All that changed recently, I was doing some research at work when I stumbled on the creations of Maricor/Maricar. I got really excited and within half an hour I had made a list of tools I needed in order to start embroidering. I even tried to remember where I had put my notes from school.
I started with practising some basic stitches and getting used to the tools. Then I tried some some letters because I wanted to do something concrete. Being the impatient individual that I am when it comes to making things I began with my own name in a very embellished font. It did feel weird embroidering my name on a piece of fabric and I even thought of that Destiny’s Child song a couple of times but you have to start somewhere, right?


I’m glad I finished this little piece. It was just the right size project I needed to get started. It was quit time consuming but meditative. I have no idea what I’m going to do with this swatch but I think I’m gonna make a few more in order to practice new stitches and fine tune my technique. I have a vision of an embroidered clutch that I’m working my way towards. I’ll keep you posted!


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