Lichen me like

In the past few years, my new year's resolution has simply been "get shit done!". I've said it to myself as a reminder to not wait around for things to happen but to actively go after and do the things I want whether life altering big or everyday small. One thing I need to get "done" more this year is get outdoors more often. In the past I would have said it's in my nature to be a homebody but now I wonder if it's more of a habit than a trait. Either way I need to be outdoors more because it's simply good for me. I always feel better after a long walk or a trip to park or forest. These pictures were taken last November when I accompanied a classmate on a lichen gathering trip in Nuuksio National Park. She was working on a really interesting textile project about plant based dyeing. The weather was horrible but it really didn't matter. It was calming to be outdoors and yet another reminder of marvellous mother nature and the endless magnificent things you can find in the forest, like a variety of lichen and other growing things.

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Green gold and serenity

A while back a friend suggested we should go explore Nuuksio National Park. I jumped at the opportunity since I had never been there but also because I felt I was in need of some serious tech detox. It's tricky staying away from the computer since I use it for both work and my own projects. I'm also one of those people who wants to do so many different things. However, if I have too much on my plate and get stressed about it I end up doing none of it, purely out of self preservation. Then of course I feel guilty for falling behind the schedule and try to pick up the pace. You can see what a vicious cycle this creates. I guess like everything important in life it's a matter of finding the right balance. I now know I need to minimise the amount of screen time and be a bit more realistic when setting deadlines for myself. Walking around Nuuksio on this sunny day was exactly what I needed to calm my mind. The greenery, silence and fresh air really did wonders. Thanks again to Laura for taking me!

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The magic of the highlands

After we booked our flights to Edinburgh Kea, the awesome travel planner that she is, suggested we should book some guided tours and see more of Scotland than just the capital. I was eager to visit a new country so I was open to all suggestions. After the tours were booked I didn't give it more thought so I didn't research the places we were going to see. Because of that I guess I didn't have high expectations, I hoped for nice weather, beautiful landscapes and some really old buildings. We went on two tours by the same company and with really entertaining tour guides. Sitting in a car for hours and only making a few stops here and there for a photo op might sound very touristy and boring but it's actually a great option if you're short on time or travelling alone. We saw a lot on our tours, we drove through several cosy towns and saw a lot of sheep (but  for some reason I don't have a picture of a single one!). There was also beautiful old castles, whiskey tasting at a distillery, highland cows and crazy weather or as a colleague of mine used to called it "four seasons in…

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Ostrobothinan midsummer

June has been unusually cold this year so when it was time to celebrate midsummer I packed rain boots and wool sweaters expecting bad weather. It rained most of the weekend but for a few hours on midsummer's eve,the clouds parted and the sun came out and it truly felt like midsummer.

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Floral Obsession, part 1

I have only one plant in my apartment and it's a bamboo plant that barely has any leaves left. But despite my lack of horticultural skills, I have a fascination with flowers. I like looking at them and photographing them. I wear floral prints all year round whether they're trendy or not. If I owned my apartment there would probably be a floral wallpaper on one wall. Basically, I have a floral obsession!        

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