Sometimes I’m not a very good big sister. On my middle brother’s birthday I called him, congratulated him and told I hadn’t been able to find a birthday present for him. I told him “if you possibly need a scarf, I can crochet you one”. He’s a quit easy going guy so he was like “mmmkay” and we started discussing colour options. We agreed on a dark wine red but once i was at the store I couldn’t find a yarn in that colour or the right thickness. After another call we settled on a teal colour and in wool. What was more tricky was picking a crochet stitch for the scarf. My brother dresses in a quit classic style so I knew all the lace and flower like stitches were not his thing. Instead I tried to find a simple stitch that created a clean graphic pattern. I came across the Cable Stitch on Pinterest and after testing it decided to go with it. I found this great tutorial, which also shows a variation of the stitch where the diagonal lines are all in the same direction.
The stitch is quit easy so I was able to finish the scarf before Christmas. My brother seemed quit happy with it and I hope he’s had use for it when January was so cold. When I gave it to him we had an impromptu photo shoot in my mother’s living room. I guess doing funny faces when somebody puts a camera in your face runs in the family.


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