Breathtaking Blooms

If you've been on this site before, you know I have a thing for flowers. I've sometimes gone as far as to call it an obsession. When I was at the botanical garden in Lund, I took a lot of pictures of pretty flowers but there was one that was so striking I thought it deserved special attention. The flower in question is the oriental poppy (Papaver Orientale) and I think this is the one called Turkish delight. What is it about this particular flower you might wonder? The colours! Especially the combination of the salmon pink of the petals and the dark plum of the inside. There was something about the light and crimped petals that also spoke to me. Maybe I was a florist in a previous life?

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Better late than never

2016 has been declared as the year of the scarves. My brother got one for his birthday (well, more like 3 months after) and I'm still working on my seed stitch peach dream. I've now finally finished one I crocheted for my friend Laura. Ehum, her birthday was in May. To my defence this summer was very busy. Better late than never, right? Once the scarf was done we had an impromptu photo shoot on Lauttasaari. The scarf is crocheted in a closed shell stitch. I wanted to use a stitch I've tried before because crocheting a scarf is quit time consuming. I really like this minty colour, it's mild but works great with both bold and  monochrome colours. A few rows in and still in denial about how long it's going to take to finish the scarf. Tada! A few months later the scarf was ready and gift wrapped. "Hold the pretty flowers!" Me trying to channel my inner art director. But can you blame me though? These fluffy flowers were so pretty! And flowers apparently make great backgrounds. Then Laura suggested we go to the beach, excellent idea! You can never go wrong with sunsets! There was somebody filming a dance routine…

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Hydrangea Mania

I might have missed the cherry blossom season in Tokyo but I arrived just in time for hydrangeas.I saw them everywhere in Tokyo; in the well kept gardens, next to train tracks, on the balconies of skyscrapers and other unexpected places. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them and I probably looked quit silly doing it. I got a curious looks from passers by more than once. I was especially intrigued by the blue ones, the colour was so intense somehow. Considering the stock of images I have on my computer of flowers and the amount of posts I've written on the subject, I'm starting to wonder if I was a florist in previous life or if my subconscious is giving hints about a possible career change. Until I've figured that out I'll keep indulging in my floral obsession!

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Oh brother, art thou cold?

Sometimes I'm not a very good big sister. On my middle brother's birthday I called him, congratulated him and told I hadn't been able to find a birthday present for him. I told him "if you possibly need a scarf, I can crochet you one". He's a quit easy going guy so he was like "mmmkay" and we started discussing colour options. We agreed on a dark wine red but once i was at the store I couldn't find a yarn in that colour or the right thickness. After another call we settled on a teal colour and in wool. What was more tricky was picking a crochet stitch for the scarf. My brother dresses in a quit classic style so I knew all the lace and flower like stitches were not his thing. Instead I tried to find a simple stitch that created a clean graphic pattern. I came across the Cable Stitch on Pinterest and after testing it decided to go with it. I found this great tutorial, which also shows a variation of the stitch where the diagonal lines are all in the same direction. The stitch is quit easy so I was able to finish the scarf before…

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