Bonny Edinburgh

Scotland is one of those places that has been on my travel list but usually at the lower end behind countries like Japan, Egypt and South Africa. Then a series called Outlander came and all of a sudden my friends and I were longing for the Scottish highlands. We started talking about a roadtrip for the following fall and all the castles and lochs we'd like to see. The problem was that next fall was almost a year away and that's when we started looking into a shorter trip to Edinburg. So that's how Kea and I found ourselves in Edinburg last december. Though it was windy and rained a lot I still think Edinburg is an incredibly beautiful city. I loved how the narrow streets and old buildings occasionally gave me a feeling I had travelled back in time.  Hogwarts crossed my mind a couple of times. I also liked how close nature the city is, especially if you're close to Arthur's Seat. I had my camera with me at all times but having now gone through the images I've noticed that there's a lot I didn't photograph. Like the endless amount of shops selling wool and cashmere products. You could buy all sorts of sweaters…

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