Green gold and serenity

A while back a friend suggested we should go explore Nuuksio National Park. I jumped at the opportunity since I had never been there but also because I felt I was in need of some serious tech detox. It's tricky staying away from the computer since I use it for both work and my own projects. I'm also one of those people who wants to do so many different things. However, if I have too much on my plate and get stressed about it I end up doing none of it, purely out of self preservation. Then of course I feel guilty for falling behind the schedule and try to pick up the pace. You can see what a vicious cycle this creates. I guess like everything important in life it's a matter of finding the right balance. I now know I need to minimise the amount of screen time and be a bit more realistic when setting deadlines for myself. Walking around Nuuksio on this sunny day was exactly what I needed to calm my mind. The greenery, silence and fresh air really did wonders. Thanks again to Laura for taking me!

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Holy Craftmanship

Sometime when you travel you'll have one attraction on a list you plan on visiting if you run out of other activities. For me, on our trip to Edinburgh the attraction was St. Giles' Cathedral. It's usually stained glass windows and their vivid colours that bring to the cathedrals but I'm also intrigued by the architecture and ornaments. Strangely enough we walked pass St.Giles' a couple of times at the beginning of our stay. I was maybe expecting it to be much bigger so I didin't pay attention to it. Then one day when were buying jewelry across the street, I suggested we go in and have look since it was raining and we were not in a hurry. Am I glad we went inside! While my travel companion befriended the kind ladies in the cathedral's shop, I walked around and studied the details of this architectural gem.  I really liked the blue colour of the ceiling, it was so vivid. The chandeliers had a modern look almost futuristic look, like something that could have been in Jupiter Ascending.

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The Impeccable Palette

I was once watching a tv show listing the most visually beautiful films ever made. Though I questioned how they had come to the result they were presenting, I watched the show to the end out of pure curiosity. I have to admit I hadn't watched half of the classic movies on the list and I even disagreed with some of their choices. There was however one movie that I felt was rightfully at the higher end of the list, Zhang Yimou's Hero from 2002. I'm not going to reveal too much of the plot, I'll just say watch it! The use of colour in the film and the attention to detail in the set and costume design is just impeccable. I've seen this this many times over the years and each time I notice something new.

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The Handicraft Master plan

The end of last year was quit hectic, which you might have noticed in how late I've been about posting about trips and finished projects. The good thing is that I've been busy meeting friends, going to exhibitions and even doing a bit of travel. One thing I've decided that I'll do no matter how hectic my days get is handicrafts. Finishing my green basket weave crochet scarf took too long because I was constantly putting it aside for things that usually involved sitting infront of a computer. Once I started experimenting with embroidery and rediscovering how relaxing and therapeutic it was, I decided that I need to always have one crafty project going. But since I'm a very restless person and I easily get bored I'm gonna try to have several pieces in progress at once. So that's my master plan! Nothing revolutionary really, it's basically what I'm doing with my sewing but when I thought of it I got very excited. Unlike my sewing (which takes up almost half of my room with patterns, fabrics and machines) handicraft projects fit in my lap and I can also take them with me when I travel. So here's to a very crafty 2016! Random freestyle embroidery.…

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Inspired by Murphy

Christmas is around the corner but I'm already thinking about next year's Flow festival. How's that for getting ahead of oneself?! The first world dilemma at hand is whether  to get the early bird ticket or not. I mean no artists have been announced yet, not that it's stopped me before. That got me thinking that I never published the images from this year's festival. I went on holiday soon after and didn't think about the images I had taken until a month after. But by then I was still going through travel memories from July. Yes, I really need to develop a better work process. Now, back to the festival. I saw a lot of marvellous performances but only one got me thinking about a possible career direction. The minute Róisín Murphy stepped on to the stage in her granny outfit, I knew this was going to be a performance I was not going to forget in long time. Murphy switched from one quirky outfit to another while singing effortlessly (her voice sounds even better live)  and showing off some creative dance moves. I'm very curious what those hairy pants are made of! As the costumes got wilder I started thinking how fun it would be to…

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The healing colours of summer

I can't believe it's already November and Christmas lights are starting to appear. I was just getting used to the warm autumn and the colourful leaves. Now that they're all gone I don't want to think about winter quit yet. Instead I'm looking for colour and light wherever I can find it. Today I found it in form of pictures of colourful summer blooms. See it as early anti darkness therapy!

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Rings and Scarecrows

Juthbacka market is one of the biggest flea markets in  Finland, if not the biggest. It's a two day event that gathers people from all over the country. The first time I attended was probably ten years ago, I remember it raining so much we had difficulty getting the car out of the mud. For a number of reasons I have't been able to go the past few years which is why I was super excited when I managed to plan my Ostrobothnian tour around the event. I love walking around with friends, drooling over antiques, eating too much candy, observing people and hearing a myriad of Ostrobothnian Swedish dialects. This is one of many fields that function as parking lots during the event. The amount of beautiful things made from glass was almost painful! The amount of beautiful things made from glass was almost painful! How about some owls? Ceramic derrière anyone? The prettiest scale I've ever seen! These posters were definitely tempting. The best dressed scarecrow ever? The event is organised by a vintage car association, so there's always a section where some are on display. This one made me think of James Bond. I'm not a car person but there's…

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