The end of last year was quit hectic, which you might have noticed in how late I’ve been about posting about trips and finished projects. The good thing is that I’ve been busy meeting friends, going to exhibitions and even doing a bit of travel.
One thing I’ve decided that I’ll do no matter how hectic my days get is handicrafts. Finishing my green basket weave crochet scarf took too long because I was constantly putting it aside for things that usually involved sitting infront of a computer. Once I started experimenting with embroidery and rediscovering how relaxing and therapeutic it was, I decided that I need to always have one crafty project going. But since I’m a very restless person and I easily get bored I’m gonna try to have several pieces in progress at once. So that’s my master plan! Nothing revolutionary really, it’s basically what I’m doing with my sewing but when I thought of it I got very excited. Unlike my sewing (which takes up almost half of my room with patterns, fabrics and machines) handicraft projects fit in my lap and I can also take them with me when I travel. So here’s to a very crafty 2016!

Random freestyle embroidery. I’m new to embroidery so I’ve been making it up as I go along. At some point I started practising French Knots. I took a few tries before I got it right.

I’m an avid crocheter and I’ve also started to learn how to read charts so I feel I might be ready to try crocheting an entire garment. First I have to find a pattern, so if anyone has any tips let me know. Until then I’ll be trying out new stitches and crocheting scarves and pouches.

I came across the Star stitch in one of my Pinterest sessions ( I can spend hours there!) and decided to try it out. Here a good tutorial.

I’ve also been trying my hand at knitting. Basically before this fall all I could knit was a garter stitch. Once my friends taught me how to knit stockinette I got ahead of myself and tried really advanced stitches.

Failed Bee Stitch. Too much to keep track of for my scattered minded brain. I’ll try it again when I’ve practised more easier stitches. 
Seed stitch. This is a good stitch for beginners like me. Once you learn how to identify your knits from your purls it goes quit smoothly. Here’s a good tutorial.
Moss Stitch, which is a variation of the Seed Stitch. I really like the texture of this stitch. I think I might knit a scarf with it. I just need to work on the tension of the stitches so the finished piece doesn’t become so crooked. Here’s a good tutorial for the Moss Stitch.

There you have it, what I’ve been trying out lately. If you have any tips on more stitches I should try out, let me know!

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