Christmas is around the corner but I’m already thinking about next year’s Flow festival. How’s that for getting ahead of oneself?! The first world dilemma at hand is whether  to get the early bird ticket or not. I mean no artists have been announced yet, not that it’s stopped me before.
That got me thinking that I never published the images from this year’s festival. I went on holiday soon after and didn’t think about the images I had taken until a month after. But by then I was still going through travel memories from July. Yes, I really need to develop a better work process.
Now, back to the festival. I saw a lot of marvellous performances but only one got me thinking about a possible career direction.


The minute Róisín Murphy stepped on to the stage in her granny outfit, I knew this was going to be a performance I was not going to forget in long time.


Murphy switched from one quirky outfit to another while singing effortlessly (her voice sounds even better live)  and showing off some creative dance moves. I’m very curious what those hairy pants are made of!


As the costumes got wilder I started thinking how fun it would be to design stage costumes for artists. Unlike film and tv costumes that  have to be historically accurate, costumes for artists can be as crazy and random as they like.


This original lady truly knows what she’s doing. So thank you Róisín for the music and the career inspiration!

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