Of Queens and Bonnets

I've always been fascinated with queens. Women in history who've been in power at times when women didn't have many rights. So every time there's a bio pic about female royals, I have to watch it. The Young Victoria has been favourite of mine since it came out and I've seen it quit many times now. The movie chronicles the first years of Queen Victoria's rule and her struggle to do right by all. I'd be lying if I didn't say that the costume design is one of the reasons I've seen it so many times. I think I'll be adding Sandy Powell to my list of costume designers whose work I need to explore. The movie is worth watching even if you're not interested in the costumes. The film is very well cast and Emily Blunt is brilliant as Victoria. One thing that struct me that I rarely pay attention to in other costume dramas was the hats and jewellery. There is some serious bling ( the screen shots below don't do the jewels justice) in this movie and at the end I found myself wondering if there's an event I could possibly get away with wearing a bonnet!

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Watch out for the tourists!

The last time I went to the old town of Stockholm it was on a school trip and it was during the dark winter so on my recent trip I revisited the neighbourhood. It was partly because I didn't remember much from my previous stay but also because  I wanted to visit some handicraft stores I imagined would be there. Now the savvy traveller would have done some research and found out where the stores are. A savvy traveller would also have known not to go there on a Sunday morning when it's packed with tourists! Well, I've learned my lesson.Some people say that once you've seen one old town in Europe you've pretty much seen them all but I don't agree. I found the one in Stockholm to be quit tranquil.  Once I stepped away from the main crowded streets I could walk along the many steep alleys almost undisturbed. So I walked around, looked at old buildings and did some window shopping. Most of the stores are on the main streets so those handicraft boutiques that I had in mind were left unvisited. All in all , Stockholm's old town is beautiful and worth visiting, you just need to have plan when you go there.

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