Mastering the art of eating solo

If there's one thing I always struggle with when travelling solo is eating alone at restaurants. I have no problem eating alone at home, when it's just me and my bowl of noodles but put dining me in a public setting and I get really nervous. So obviously this is something I need to practice and if anyone has any tips on how to deal with this I'm all ears! I want to reach a point where I can sit down , really enjoy the meal and not speed eat like a crazy person as I did on my recent Stockholm trip. One place  I managed to really take it easy and enjoy my meal is Gildas Rum in Södermalm. Ok, it was breakfast and it was raining outside so the café was almost empty, but still. The place has  two crucial things that a good café should have if you ask me, delicious pastry and interesting interior. At Gildas they choose to decorate the space like a granny's living room and then added a bit of kitch. The result is a very cozy and colourful café that I can warmly recommend. 

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The only way is forward

Another year has gone by and I'm still blogging! Wohoooo! How am I celebrating? By editing images from my trip to Stockholm and maybe watching some Downton Abbey. Yes, I need to work on my partying skills. Next year I'm definitely going make a cake! A lot has happened during the past 12 months. I turned the big 3-0 and hitting that milestone made me think a lot about what I want for my future. I've always had goals but I now feel that they're clearer in my head. I've also done a bit of travelling which is something I know I want to do a whole lot more of. I finally bought a better camera and slowly learning how to use it. So what are my goals for the next year? To manage my time better so I have more time for my creative projects. I want to improve my photographing skills and write even better inspiring and witty posts.  I also want to be brave enough to take more risks, whether it's posting something personal or contacting a potential client. So here’s to an educational and adventurous year, I hope the next one will be even more challenging and transformative!  

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Stockholm i mitt hjärta

During a weekend in July I flew to the other side of the pond as we call it for a much needed mini-vacation. Even though I've lived in Finland for most of my life, I haven't had  the habit of going to our neighbouring capital on a regular basis. Some of my friends have even told me I should move there since I speak the language and keep finding new Swedish fashion brands to love. My answer is always,  I don't really know the city! So getting to know Stockholm became the main goal for my trip. Since I only had an extended weekend and there's so much to see,  I decided to focus on Södermalm. I was told that's where I'll find the vintage shops, cosy cafés and of course the hipsters. So after I had done my mandatory round in the stores in the city centre, I checked into the hostel and immediately went to explore the neighbourhood. A day and several vintage shops later I was besotted. Maybe it was because I was travelling alone, solo trips sometimes give you a strong sense of freedom that can feel quit intoxicating. Either way I'm glad I've now started my own Stockholm tradition.

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Beige Suede

I found this cute bag at a second hand shop a while back in Vaasa. I immediately liked the size, materials and the details but me and beige? I have not been a big fan of the colour since that beige and navy phase I had ca 1999. The length of the strap also bothered me, I'm very picky about that sort of thing, occupational hazard i guess.In the end I asked myself the fundamental question, as pretty as this bag is, will I actually use it? The answer was yes, if I shorten the straps to handles and use the bag more as briefcase. This was quit easy as the straps were removable. Straps attached with buckles are quit  brilliant thing!

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Antiques Fantastique

I'm very proud of myself I have to admit. I've managed to do something that's been on my summer to-do list for years now, to visit antique and vintage markets outside Helsinki. Luckily for me I have friend who was willing not not only to join me but also give me a ride! Billnäs was our first stop before heading  to Fiskars and boy was I pleasantly surprised! There was such wide selection of products and this was just outside the main event. As lover of glass in all forms and colours this event was really a feast for the eye. I saw a lot of beautiful things I wanted to own but when I really thought about it I didn't really need or have space for any of it. The only thing I wished I'd been able to buy was the antique rings I found at one stand. I have no picture of them 'cause I was too busy drooling over them that I forgot I had my camera with me Though I came home empty handed I hope to make a visit to these markets a yearly tradition. There are so many interesting products and I really get inspired. It's like going…

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The cool village shop

As I wrote earlier, I love going to the Fiskars Village and on my recent visit I went to some of my favourite stores like Jalo and Onoma Shop.  Onoma has a great mix of art, design and craft items in a myriad of materials and at reasonable price points. That store alone is worth visiting the village for. I was too busy admiring everything in the shop to take pictures but below are a few I managed to snap.

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Gone to the village

Fiskars Village is without a doubt one of my favourite places in Finland. Ever since my first visit almost 10 years ago this cozy historic village has had me hooked. I remember that first time I was there for a school field trip. I got out of the bus and said "Ooooh, I love this place!" And what's not to love? It's a tranquil  and historic place where art, design and crafts meet. There's events and exhibitions all year round but the place never feels too crowded with tourists (at least not when I've been there). On a rainy Saturday in July I went to Fiskars with a friend of mine for the antique markets in the area ( more about that in another post). Though we didn't go to the main event we strolled through the village and visited some of the shops. It was a lovely day, not even the  pouring rain could ruin our mood!

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