During a weekend in July I flew to the other side of the pond as we call it for a much needed mini-vacation. Even though I’ve lived in Finland for most of my life, I haven’t had  the habit of going to our neighbouring capital on a regular basis. Some of my friends have even told me I should move there since I speak the language and keep finding new Swedish fashion brands to love. My answer is always,  I don’t really know the city! So getting to know Stockholm became the main goal for my trip.
Since I only had an extended weekend and there’s so much to see,  I decided to focus on Södermalm. I was told that’s where I’ll find the vintage shops, cosy cafés and of course the hipsters. So after I had done my mandatory round in the stores in the city centre, I checked into the hostel and immediately went to explore the neighbourhood. A day and several vintage shops later I was besotted. Maybe it was because I was travelling alone, solo trips sometimes give you a strong sense of freedom that can feel quit intoxicating. Either way I’m glad I’ve now started my own Stockholm tradition.


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