Many of you have seen or read what’s happening in the states right now and some of you, like myself are channeling our feelings by sharing speeches, info clips, quotes and illustrations to spread awareness. However, I’m here to tell you that we need to do more. We need to actively start doing anti racism work. Actively educating ourselves, actively questioning power structures, actively checking our privileges. I’m including myself in this because even though being a black woman living in the europatriarchy is exhausting, I still need to do the work. Right now I’m reading about trauma porn. You should too. Then ask yourself if it’s really necessary to share a video of a man being brutally murdered in order for white people to believe it actually happened. Ask yourself if you would share those videos if it was a white person.

To those of you who consider this an American problem, I say white supremacy is a global problem. To those of you who consider yourselves apolitical, I say this is a human rights issue. If this entire post makes you feel uncomfortable then good, anti-racism work is hella uncomfortable. So take that discomfort and DO THE WORK!

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