As fashion revolution week draws to an end I would like to remind you of this great documentary from a few years ago that I think everyone should watch, The True Cost. It shows the devastating truth behind fast fashion. I recently watched it in a Sustainable Fashion class and now I’m trying to figure out what I can do to change this industry. The documentary is quite heavy so  I suggest that you watch it with someone so you can discuss it afterwards.

I want to write more about sustainable fashion and what we can do as consumers (and designers) to change the industry. Sustainability is an incredibly complex subject and I’m definitely no expert but I’m trying to live by the motto “When you know better, do better” and I’m hoping that by sharing what I’ve learned so far can help you make more sustainable purchases. I’ll be putting whatever I write on the subject under a new category, Understanding Sustainable Fashion. You can still take part in Fashion Revolution week, see the links below.

More about the documentary
Fashion Revolution

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