Yoyogi Park on a summer Sunday is full of locals and tourists having picnics and unexpected performances. When we sat down for a lunch break that hot june afternoon I felt like a local for a brief moment.  I don’t know if it was the group of teenage girls dressed like sailor moon or the rockabilly dancers that got me so distracted that I forgot to take pictures. I did have my camera ready when we visited the Meiji Jingu shrine and the surrounding forrest. There was something incredibly majestic and serene about that forrest, even though there were almost as many people there as in Yoyogi park. The shrine itself was under renovation but we still managed to “crash” one wedding. We also visited the garden with the iris flowers that were in full bloom.


I was captivated by the shere height and variety of the trees but here I got distracted by the ladies in the lovely kimonos. 


When you’re walking by serene ponds like this you forget that you’re in the middle of a busy capital city.


I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many pictures of fish in my life as I did of carp on this trip. Maybe it’s the orange colour or the spotted pattern but wherever I found them I was snapping away.


Unfortunately it’s the bright coloured carp that get all the attention from us tourists. Can you spot the other fish this picture?


Entering the iris garden felt like entering a fairy tale movie set.


I love the intense colours of the flowers.


I wasn’t the only one trying to capture the beauty of this purple bloom.


Very tired but very happy tourist.

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