Ok, so I didn’t actually crash any weddings per se, I just happened to be among the tourists outside the shrines when these weddings took place. I was so intrigued by the couples’ wedding attire that I couldn’t help taking some pictures, I really hope they don’t mind! I would like to learn more about these garments so if you know about a good book or documentary on the subject, please let me know.


I just love the pattern and colours of this kimono.


Funny story, at some point this groom was waving some kind of device in the air as the wedding photographer was telling the family where to stand. I asked my friend what he was doing and while she was telling me that it was some kind of 360 degree camera, he made eye contact. He nodded in our direction and smiled like he was saying “I know you’re talking about this cool gadget of mine”


This couple seemed very relaxed when they were getting their picture taken. The other weddings parties we saw felt much more formal somehow.


I really like the shape of this bride’s headdress.


Every bride and groom should have an umbrella carrier at their wedding!


How odd it must be to be surrounded by so many tourists on your wedding day.


I hope one day I might be able to attend a wedding like this in its entirety.

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