After the first week in Tokyo I started to wonder where all the really over the top Kawaii people were. I was told that it’s a common misconception, the over the top street style we often see in magazines and blogs are actually not as widespread as you would think. Sure, you’ll see people with individual sense style and you’ll find some uniquely dressed groups posing on Sunday afternoons in Harajuku but those “I look like I’m going to a costume party everyday” individuals seemed kind of rare. Maybe I was just not in the right place but maybe that’s why I really wanted to visit the Kawaii Monster Café, I needed a proper dose of kawaii while in Tokyo.

To call the place a theme restaurant is a bit of understatement. I would describe it as sugar overdose colour explosion extravaganza, if that makes any sense. It’s not just the interior and the clothes of the staff that are colourful but the food too. Just when you think it can’t get even more kawaii, it’s time to sing for one of the customers (the place is very popular for birthdays) and that is done of course on a huge revolving cake meets merry-go-round. Most of the food on the menu had a different colour than it naturally is so I just ordered fries and plum wine and observed the the amusing madness of the place. Some might call the place a kawaii-culture exploiting tourist trap but I thought it was crazy colourful fun.


The interior is just crazy! Everywhere you look there are details that just make you go “WHAT??” The baby bottle lamps are just hilarious.


It would be interesting to know the amount of colours they used when decorating this place!


This wall of lips made me think of Salvador Dalí for some reason.


I was taking a lot of pictures of the interior because I had never seen anything like it. Then one of the waitresses came and offered to take a picture of me but I apparently had to do the “monster” pose. Being the awkward individual that I am it took a few photos before I understood what she wanted me to do.


When in doubt, order fries! I think the first two dips are ketchup and maybe mustard but I can’t remember what the blue one tasted like.


If I ever come to this place again I’ll have to make sure I get a booth under a mushroom!


Nope, baby bottles weren’t enough! Rabbit and sheep heads were also needed.


Time to sing happy birthday on a stage shaped like a cake complete with fruits and unicorns.


. . . and most people get up and cheer. . . . 


. . . . and you get your picture taken. Now that I think of it, I wouldn’t mind celebrating my birthday here!

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