I think we can call 2016 a difficult year for the human race! It’s easy to get stuck on the horrible things that have happened (and are still happening) but it’s in these difficult times that finding the good becomes even more important. The later half of 2016 was challenging on a personal level. I’ve was feeling very frustrated and struggled to find energy. Too often  last fall I found myself operating survival mode. The good news is that it’s up to me to change things, I have to reprioritise and change the things that are dragging me down. So I’ll start 2017 with reminding myself of the great things that happened this past year.


During easter I went to London, Pre-Brexit London! Sometimes it’s really fun to travel somewhere without any major plans. And having friends who can show you around and offer you a place to stay is priceless.


The highlight of my year was definitely the trip to Tokyo. It was a life altering journey that was so much fun! I was so scared when I left, scared of flying such a long distance by myself, scared of getting lost in such a huge city and a whole list of other things. Guess what? Everything went well! I wandered the streets of streets of Tokyo all googly eyed and ate everything matcha flavoured I came across. Goes to show that one should not let fear get the best of you (I know, not always so easy!). I hope I will be able to return to Japan in the near future, I want to see more of the country. I still  have some images from the trip to share with you so stay tuned!


I finally stepped in front of the camera. This might seem like a small thing but for a person like me who’s disliked being photographed since I was a kid, it was a big step forward. The reason? Garments are better shown on a person than on a hanger. So far I’ve been lucky that my friends have have helped me out with the photographing but I still need to work on my posing skills!


This year I stepped up my crochet game and crocheted  several scarves. It’s always fun to give handmade gifts to loved ones. This year I want to learn more challenging crochet stitches and techniques.


I say it quit often but I love Copenhagen. This year I visited the city in the summer which I hadn’t done before.


My main reason for being in Copenhagen? To see Queen Bey! It was the other big highlight of 2016. I’ve been a fan of Beyoncé since the early days of Destiny’s Child so this was really a dream come true. Sometimes last fall, when I was having a really bad day, I’d watch the video I took when we all were singing along to “Love on top” and I’d immediately feel better!


I’ve also been learning some new skills. I took a class in video editing ( i hope in 2017 i’ll be able to show you what I’ve learned.) I’m constantly working to improve my photography and I recently caught the GIF bug.

So 2016 gave me a lot to be grateful for. I’d like to thank all of you who made all this possible.

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